Saturday, December 3, 2011

assalamuaalaikum my lovely reader

do you like to read or write a novel?
do you ? ... hemm ,,
i like novel but little ...
i would like to share a short movie story  :-

marry, a little girl .. 11 years old and also have a funny brother ... she was a kind and hardworking .. examination whenever she can always score high  ...       school holidays at the normal start like going on holidays, shopping and other things ... but this year the school holidays not fun for him, because his father and mother  have a lot of business at England ... she had to be alone with her ​​brother in England ... to marry, there is nothing more fun than playing facebook to ask for news about freinds .. out of the blue , handsome boy who had greeted him  "hye" it simply he introduced himself with the nickname  "eym" ..., eym high school boy aged 15 years old , his father worked as a manager in the hotel's rental marry .. he never talked about her father to marry because he want to make birthday surprise to marry tomorrow   ... 
           next day ... eym bring a follower to marry ,,,"knock knock knock everybody there ?? .. marry's brother open the door, he surprised .. marry go beside her brother ...she was shocked and did not say anything ... atmosphere to be quiet for a moment and eym wish a happy birthday  .., marry's bother smiling cynically .... eym and marry felt a little embarrassed  ... Then she invited into birthday celebration ...marry's father told that we should back home and went to airport around 8 pm .. marry felt so sad ever she been before ... eym "i can't  accept this ! oh no... 
some speacial  something  about  both of them that I do not understand.. it is like love ?
why not ? malay said " cinta itu buta "
w0ww ... both of them hope can meet although far away from him ... marry knows there's have rainbow behind that's pain .... 

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